Life’s Vapor

Life, whether you believe in evolution or creation, is but a vapor in time. Evolution says all started with a big bang ending with death; creation says God, who is eternal, spoke, and the world was and one day this earth will end in a big bang! Science proves neither, thus requiring faith because neither is testable, observable and repeatable by mankind, which is the foundation of science. Both viewpoints oppose each other without possible reconciliation, yet hold one common link: life is a vapor in the vast time of existence. The outcomes of these beliefs differ of course. If evolution be true there is no final judgment for mankind; if creation is true, we each stand before our creator to answer for our actions, words and thoughts. The question becomes, what will we do with the life given us? All possess the ability to do good, yet will we do it? Will we merely feed selfish desires, often at the expense of others?

Doing good is nice, but is life the weight of our deeds? In evolution, good outweighs bad and a person is remembered by those knowing him for his deeds, bad or good: Mother Teresa and Hitler are two extreme examples. In creation, God expects holiness no one can deliver, thereby offered a substitute in our place: Jesus Christ. Yes, other religions believe in creation, each having a god or prophet, few claim their faith as the only way. How can people know the truth? One faith offers a living Redeemer, yet that is not enough because near the end one will appear to mankind as if raisin from the dead leading people astray with lies.

In this vapor we spend much of our lives pursuing money, things and pleasure. If evolution be true there is nothing to worry us; if creation is true, the pleasures of this world pale to the judgment coming. Are you willing to bet your life on what you believe? In effect, each of us bets every day what we believe is right and live life according to our bet, without spending much time to be sure we are right. Casinos count on people playing against the house in ignorance. Wise gamblers try to stack the deck in their favor. My aunt once told me my uncle won every time he went to a casino because be learned the odds and played in his favor. We should spend some, if not much time, learning about God and what is coming rather than playing life blind. Death is sure; where we spend it need not be.

I realize gambling is an odd metaphor when talking about God, yet it makes the point clear. How much time in this limited life are you spending researching God and where you will spend eternity? Salvation is a free gift given by our Creator. Have you ever asked God for His gift of salvation? Sincerely ask Him today. After all, if evolution be true you lose nothing; if creation is true, you lose everything!

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